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Current Courses: 2019 - Winter

Data Visualization (Political Science 301)

Statistical Analysis (Political Science 328)

Previous Semesters/Terms

Statistical Analysis (Political Science 328, previously titled "Quantitative Political Methodology" and "Advanced Methods of Political Analysis")

Game Theory in Political Science (Political Science 304, previously taught as 349 "Topics in Politics")

Data Visualization (Political Science 301, previously taught as 306 "Topics in Political Science Methods")

Advanced Statistical Analysis (Political Science 428, previously taught as 306 "Topics in Political Science Methods," and 539 "Econometrics/Advanced Topics in Public Policy")

Interest Groups (Political Science 313, previously titled "Public Power of Interest Groups")

Advanced Seminar on Current Issues (Political Science 391)

Washington Seminar Internship (Political Science 399, "Academic Internship")

Theories of American Politics (Political Science 310)

Data Analysis 2 (Public Policy 604, formerly numbered Public Policy 504)

Data Analysis 1 (Public Policy 603, formerly numbered Public Policy 503)

Philosophy of the Social Sciences (Political Science 465, formerly numbered Political Science 301)

Money in Politics (Political Science 410/430, "Capstone Seminar in American Politics/Public Policy")

Strategy & Politics (Political Science 339, "Topics in Public Policy")

Game Theoretic Models in International Relations (Political Science 498, "Directed Readings")

Policy Analysis 1 (Public Policy 611, formerly numbered Public Policy 511 and Political Science 532)

Policy Analysis 2 (Public Policy 612, formerly numbered Public Policy 512 and Political Science 533)